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At Aiello, we're proud to be the first call that most Connecticut homeowners make when their thermostat stops working correctly. And every time we receive a call, we provide each homeowner with a comprehensive diagnostic, upfront pricing, and a 1-year workmanship guarantee on repairs.

  • Respectful of your home

  • No-surprise, upfront pricing

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Service Details

At Aiello, we understand how disruptive a thermostat issue can be, which is why we always go the extra mile to ensure that your thermostat repair goes as smoothly as possible. Whether your thermostat issue involves a quick programming fix or requires a bit more attention, you can count on our highly trained, CT-licensed technicians to provide you with an honest, upfront estimate and a job done right. When you choose Aiello, you'll get 5-star service —guaranteed.


What does a thermostat repair cost in Connecticut?

  • Low: $200
  • Median: $350
  • High: $1,000

What factors affect the cost of a thermostat repair?

When it comes to repairing your thermostat, there are 4 main factors that will affect the cost, including:

  • The kind of thermostat you have: There are several different kinds of thermostats, and some are more complex than others. The more "complex" your thermostat is, the more your repair will likely cost. For example, repairing a smart thermostat will likely cost more than repairing a non-programmable thermostat.
  • The specific issue you're facing: The cost of your thermostat repair will depend on the specific issue you're facing. For example, if your thermostat is malfunctioning because it needs to be cleaned or has dead batteries, it will be much less expensive than if there's an issue with your thermostat's wiring.
  • Repair or replace: Depending on the specific issue you're facing, your thermostat may need to be replaced rather than repaired. Replacing a thermostat will typically cost more than repairing it due to the cost of the thermostat itself, but it can be the most cost-effective option in the long term. The cost of the replacement can also depend on whether the old wiring is compatible with the new thermostat.
  • The contractor you hire: The price of a thermostat repair can vary based on your technicians’ years of experience and hours of training. It may be cheaper to go with a less reputable company, but the peace of mind that comes with knowing a highly trained, CT-licensed technician is performing your repair makes it worth spending a little extra. At Aiello we only allow the best CT-licensed HVAC technicians in your home.

Schedule a comprehensive thermostat diagnostic today!

Before our team gets to repairing or replacing any part of your thermostat, we'll conduct a comprehensive diagnostic for only $99 followed by upfront pricing before any work begins. That way, you know exactly what the issue is as well as our recommended solution based on your needs and budget.


Honoring these great guarantees for all thermostat repairs!

  • Upfront Pricing Guarantee
    We guarantee that the quote we give you is the price you'll pay.
  • Workmanship Guarantee
    We guarantee our work. We pride ourselves on our quality and stand behind it for an entire year.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    We guarantee your 100% satisfaction, or we'll return to make it right.

Want even more protection for your thermostat?

We designed a maintenance plan with a single goal in mind: save our customers as much money as possible, without compromising on comfort.

Benefits of becoming a Service Partner Plan member include...

  • Emergency priority service
  • 15% repair discount
  • Complimentary system checks
  • 2-year extended workmanship warranty

And much more!

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Our 5-star garbage disposal repair and replacement process

  1. We secure your appointment

    As soon as you call us, you'll be greeted with a friendly, "Hello, Aiello!" by a live representative. We'll speak with you about your thermostat issue and schedule out an appointment time that works best for you.

  2. We introduce you to your technician

    We understand how important it is to know who you're inviting into your home, which is why we'll always provide you with your technician's name, photo, and background info before they set foot in your home. You'll also be provided with your technician's location while they're on their way to your home, so you have a clear idea of when they'll arrive.

  3. We perform a thorough diagnostic

    Once your tech arrives at your home, they'll ask you some questions regarding your thermostat and get to work assessing the unit themselves. As soon as they've uncovered the issue, they'll walk you through the details, including their recommended solution and the associated cost.

  4. We give you a 5-star service experience

    If you're happy with the solution we've recommended and the cost of the repair, our team will get right to work. Our technicians always arrive in fully-stocked trucks, so we can make most thermostat repairs in a single visit. While in your home, our technicians wear shoe covers at all times and will clean the work area thoroughly prior to departing.

Your satisfaction means the world to us

Our goal is to give every Aiello customer a 5-star experience. That's why we ask if we delivered 5-star service at the end of every job. If not, we'll do everything we can to correct that issue before we leave.

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Earning Connecticut’s Trust, One 5‑Star Visit at a Time

“They are on time, do what they say and do a great job.”

“Continue to have great service from Aiello. They are on time, do what they say, and do a great job. Had Stephen S. out to fix our thermostats and he was fast, thorough, and helped me make the best choices for repair/replacement.”

—Steve J. | Connecticut homeowner

For a Trustworthy Thermostat Repair, Say Hello, Aiello!”

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