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Every year, Aiello performs dozens of whole-home rewirings for homeowners across Connecticut. And every year, we're here for those residents with great financing options, unmatched guarantees and the most detailed diagnostics and install estimates.

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  • Comprehensive electrical estimates and diagnostics

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Expect more from every whole-home rewiring with Aiello Home Services

If you're considering replacing that old knob-and-tube wiring with modern plastic-sheathed wiring, then the expert electricians at Aiello can help. Our CT-licensed pros complete dozens of rewiring projects every year, and receive up to 100 hours in technical training annually. Plus, with over 1,000 5-star reviews and counting, you know you're hiring a team that puts customer service and workmanship above all else.


What does a whole-home rewiring cost in Connecticut?

  • Low: $2,500
  • Median: $5,750
  • High: $9,000

What factors affect the cost of a whole-home rewiring?

Three major price factors tend to determine the cost of replacing knob-and-tube wiring: the need for a new electrical panel, and the size of the home.

  • The need for a new electrical panel: Older knob-and-tube wiring is often connected to legacy fuse boxes. If that's the case, the job will require upgrading that fuse box with a new electrical panel to handle the additional amperage that will be coming into your home.
  • The size of the home: Larger homes generally have more wires which need to be removed. That requires additional access holes and demolition to reach those wires. These access holes will also need to be repaired once the new wiring is in, requiring drywall repairs or replacement sheetrock.
  • The contractor you hire: Pricing for a whole-home rewiring varies from contractor to contractor. These rates are based on an electrician's experience with knob-and-tube removal as well as their general skill level, expertise and training. An improper rewiring can cause home blackouts or even fire hazards. That's why going with a company you know will get the job done right is always the best choice.

Schedule a comprehensive whole-home rewiring diagnostic today!

A CT-licensed electrician from Aiello can complete a whole-home rewiring diagnostic as early as today. We'll perform a comprehensive review of your home's electrical system, and follow up with pricing options and solutions based on the needs of your home and budget.


Honoring these great guarantees for all whole-home rewiring projects!

  • Upfront Pricing Guarantee
    We guarantee that the quote we give you is the price you'll pay.
  • Workmanship Guarantee
    We guarantee our work. We pride ourselves on our quality and stand behind it for an entire year.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    We guarantee your 100% satisfaction, or we'll return to make it right.

Want even more protection?

We designed a maintenance plan with a single goal in mind: save our customers as much money as possible, without compromising on comfort.

Benefits of becoming a Service Partner Plan member include...

  • Emergency priority service
  • 15% repair discount
  • Complimentary system checks
  • 2-year extended workmanship warranty

And much more!

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Our 5-star whole-home rewiring process

  1. We secure your appointment

    You can always count on hearing a friendly "Hello, Aiello!" on the other end of the line when you call Aiello Home Services. After our team has taken down your contact info, we'll match you with the best electrician to handle your job and find a time that works best for you.

  2. We introduce you to your electrician

    It's a nice feeling to know that the person arriving at your home isn't a complete stranger. That's why Aiello introduces you to your electrician before they arrive, by sharing information with you such as their name, a photo and some fun facts about their background. You can even follow your electrician's service truck while they're on their way to your home, so you know exactly when they'll arrive.

  3. We prepare for a successful rewiring project

    A lot of preparation goes into each rewiring project. And this is where Aiello's experienced electricians showcase a mastery over their craft. Not only do we identify potential fire hazards and pinpoint the best points of access to your home's wiring, we also provide you with information on possible new insurance savings and ensure electrical all state and local compliance guidelines are not just met, but exceeded.

  4. We give you a 5-star service experience

    Aiello can complete most whole-home rewiring projects in just 4 to 8 hours. With training and preparation, our electricians can complete each rewiring job quickly and without mistakes. During the rewiring, shoe covers are worn at all times and drop cloths are laid down to protect our customer's flooring and belongings.

Your satisfaction means the world to us

Our goal is to give every Aiello customer a 5-star experience. That's why we ask if we delivered 5-star service at the end of every job. If not, we'll do everything we can to correct that issue before we leave.

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“Thanks Aiello for your kind service...”

“We are happy and satisfied with our service. John was very helpful, patience with our load of questions and took his time to explain and help us understand the issue and what needed to be fixed. Thanks Aiello for your kind service.”

—Lori C. | Connecticut homeowner

For a Trustworthy Whole-Home Rewiring, Say Hello, Aiello!”

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