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Every year, Aiello performs hundreds of free estimates for Connecticut residents seeking to convert their home from oil to natural gas. And every year, we're here for those residents with great financing options, unmatched guarantees and the latest high-efficiency gas heating systems.

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Converting your home from oil to natural gas heating can be stressful and overwhelming. Let the experienced team at Aiello take care of it all—from start to finish. We'll help ease any pricing concerns with an extremely thorough in-home inspection and estimate and we'll apply for financing and rebates on your behalf. We'll also help you choose the perfect, high-efficiency gas heating system for your needs and budget. When it comes to this big decision, trust our 90+ years of experience and our reputation for 5-star customer service!


What does an oil to gas conversion cost in Connecticut?

  • Low: $4,600
  • Median: $9,800
  • High: $20,000

Factors that affect the cost of an oil to gas conversion

The price of an oil to gas conversion varies based on four factors: whether your home relies fully or only partially on oil, new gas equipment, oil tank removal and the contractor you choose.

  • Whether your home is fully or partially on oil. If you already use gas for some appliances (i.e. water heater, stove or dryer), your current gas supply may be able to handle the additional load of a gas heating system. If it can, the project will cost less. If it can't or if your home is totally oil, the project will cost more because you'll need a gas service connection upgrade or you'll need a gas main installed. Our professionals will determine the exact needs of your home and coordinate with local utility companies if a main gas line installation or service upgrade is needed.
  • New gas equipment. A large portion of what you'll pay will come from the gas heating system you install plus any additional gas equipment that you want. The cost of the gas heating system will depend on the size and efficiency of the system, the type of system (boilers typically cost more than furnaces) and any additional infrastructure that might be needed (such as exhaust venting). We know it can be overwhelming to choose new gas equipment so our specialists will help you along the way with expert advice and clear pricing options.
  • Oil tank removal. When you convert to gas heating, you'll need to remove your old oil tank. Beware that other companies may not be certified to handle oil tank removals, which means you'll need to hire a separate contractor (and probably pay more). Fortunately, Aiello's team is certified to remove and properly dispose of your old oil tank and we include that in the overall cost of your oil to gas conversion!
  • The contractor you hire: Pricing for oil to gas conversions vary from contractor to contractor. These rates are based on a contractor's experience, skill level, training and other factors. An improper gas heating system install can increase your energy bills, decrease the lifespan of your system and lead to frequent breakdowns. That's why going with a company you know will get the job done right is always the best choice.

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Better oil to gas conversions happen when homes are evaluated with care. At Aiello, we perform a comprehensive review of each property before sharing pricing estimates with our customers.


Honoring these great warranties and guarantees for all oil to gas conversions!

  • Industry-Best Warranties
    Aiello's HVAC replacement warranties can be extended up to 10 years.
  • No Lemons Guarantee
    We guarantee that if your new HVAC system breaks down shortly after we've installed it, we'll replace it for free. (Certain limitations apply. Call for details.)
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    We guarantee that if you don't like your new HVAC system we'll remove it for free. (Certain limitations apply. Call for details.)


Our 5-star oil to gas conversion process

  1. We perform a thorough in-home estimate

    At Aiello, we want every customer to feel confident when they choose to convert their home to gas heating. That's why we send one of our expert comfort specialists to your home to perform a thorough in-home walkthrough and offer pricing estimates, completely free of charge. For additional peace of mind, we send every customer a bio and picture of their comfort specialist prior to their arrival.

  2. We share a variety of replacement options

    Once the in-home assessment is complete, the next step is to share new gas heating systems with our customers. Because Aiello doesn't partner with any one system manufacturer, we can offer a much larger selection of brands and models to our customers. More options means more chances to identify a system that meets the comfort, convenience and budget needs of our customers.

  3. We prepare for a successful oil to gas conversion

    After the customer selects the perfect heating system, we'll then look for additional ways to save them money on the install. This includes applying for any manufacturer rebates and assisting with a financing plan if the customer desires. Back at headquarters, we'll order the new gas heating system from the manufacturer and our lead installer will prepare the strategy for installation day.

  4. We give you a 5-star oil to gas conversion experience

    Once a system is selected, permits applied for and financing approved, we'll schedule a date to install the gas heating system and gas lines. We'll also be in constant contact with the utility company to ensure you get gas service in a timely manner. Most oil to gas conversions take anywhere from 4 hours to 2 days (most delays come from the utility companies). And don't worry, to protect your home, shoe covers and drop cloths are used throughout the entire process!

Your satisfaction means the world to us

Our goal is to give every Aiello customer a 5-star experience. That's why we ask if we delivered 5-star service at the end of every job. If not, we'll do everything we can to correct that issue before we leave.

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“Tim L. provided us with an unbelievably smooth and delightful experience. His warm spirit and knowledge made the entire process extremely easy and seamless, and his professionalism and genuine concern for our best interest was refreshing. Thank you Tim for the great experience!”

—Phillip V. | Connecticut homeowner

For a 5‑Star Oil to Gas Conversion, Say Hello, Aiello!”

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